This Week’s Announcements and Zmanim – Parshas Ki Savo

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** Announcements:
* Kiddush this week is co-sponsored by the Raider family in honor of Yanky Wurtzel and the Koplowitz family in honor of their daughter’s engagement.
* Please note that Selichos begins this Motzei Shabbos, at 12:57 am. Selichos throughout next week will be at 6:35 am.
* As announced earlier this week, seat selection is now available for Yomim Noraim. Please go to the Shul’s website ( and follow the instructions on the homepage to submit your seating requests. Any requests received after Thursday, September 2 will be assigned on a first come/first served basis.
* Zmanim for Yomim Noraim will be sent out next week.
* Ner Lamaor for Elul is sponsored by Adam Goldstein l’ilui nishmas his mother Tzivya Bas Dovid v’ Rivka.
* The sign-up for kiddush and shalosh seudos sponsorships is available here ( .

** Shabbos Zmanim:
* Mincha/Hadlakas Neiros: 7:18 pm
* Shacharis: 8:30 am
* Sof Zman Krias Shema: 8:55 / 9:38 am
* No Rabbi Spira shiur this Shabbos
* Mincha: 6:54 pm
* Shkiah: 7:34 pm
* Maariv Motzei Shabbos: 8:34 pm

** Shul Weekday Zmanim:
* Sunday
+ Selichos: 12:57 am
+ Shacharis: 8:30 am
+ Mincha/Maariv: 7:19 pm
* Weekday
+ Shacharis: Monday-Friday 6:35 am (Selichos)
+ Maariv: Monday-Thursday 9:00 pm


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