This Week’s Announceme​nts & Zemanim – Parshas Tazriah (HaChodesh)

Shul Announcements: The Shul will be cleaned for Pesach on Monday April 18. Please be sure to clean and collect your personal belongings. Monthly Choshen Mishpat Shiur Please join us this Sunday, April 10th after the 8:30 Shacharis for a halacha lemaysa shiur given by Rabbi Mendy Weinberger (Machon L’Choshen Mishpat) on the topic of “Payments: To Pay or Not To Pay, That is the Question”. Breakfast and shiur sponsored by the Horowitz family in honor of Yechiel’s grandparents yartzheits this month. Miriam Etel bas Ahron HaLevi and Shmuel Chaim ben HaRav Baruch Zvi. May their neshamos have aliyos. Zemanim: Mincha/Hadlokas Neiros: 7:11 pm Shacharis: 8:30 am Sof Zman Krias Shma: 9:06 / 9:42 am Daf Yomi: 6:00 pm Rav’s Shiur: 6:15 pm Mincha: 7:00 pm Shalosh Seudos is still available to be sponsored. Maariv Motzei Shabbos: 8:20 pm Sunday Mincha/Maariv: 7:15 pm

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